Shoestring Theatre
A community theater featuring local actors performing plays and musicals

MARCH 4 - MARCH 20, 2016

A brilliant and brutally demanding professor — a specialist in the life-and-death themes of John Donne's Holy Sonnets — now finds herself the subject of research designed to try to save her life.

APRIL 29 - MAY 15, 2016

AND THE WINNER IS tells the comic story of Tyler Johnes, a self-obsessed movie star, who is finally nominated for an Oscar, then dies the night before the awards. Outraged at his bad luck and determined to know if he wins (even though he's dead), he bargains with a heavenly gatekeeper to return to earth for the big night. Along the way, he drags his agent, his acting rival, his bombshell girlfriend and his ex-wife into the journey, in a wildly twisting tale of Hollywood, the afterlife, and how we are judged.

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